Carcassonne + Beer =?

Cancassonne! In a Facebook group I’m part of, we were talking about how some games take up lots more space than their boxes, and I said something about tile-laying games and how they take up space, but I bet Carcassonne would fit in a can of lager. It stuck with me, and I’m on leave for a week, so I thought “Why not have a go at it”. And I did.

In fairness it took two cans, not one, but with my primary school level design skills I mad a label and made a thing. Now you can sneak games into a party under the guise of being one of the guys/girls, here to get drunk, dance badly, and probably have an argument with someone.


This is amazing, I love it ! I can already see myself going : “Do you want to drink anything? Oh damn, there’s a game in this… Well you know what they say, we have to play now”


Ah that was you? I saw that in the Facebook group!


I too am in that group :stuck_out_tongue:

You can actually buy fake beer cans to store things in - intended as a safe place for valuables while on holiday.

I remember going through airport security and a friend’s bag being flagged for the “liquid” inside it. So he had to take the can out and show the security guard what was really inside.


I feel like more games should come in a can. I feel Asmodee should make a can classics line. And you could have five in a row on the shelf.

Settlers of Cantan
Tinket to ride
Azul Fosters.


The brewers of XXXX could have an epic new sci-fi product line.

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