Can’t remember name of game


After a long pause in playing I am getting back into board games. I have been looking for a game that SUSD plugged but I can’t remember the name of the game. I vaguely remember the game as being about a south east Asian country trying to stave of the British empire with the game having two modes of play. With one mode were the British have an inherent game play advantage and the other were the game is made “fair” by adding mythological creatures to give the players who are against the British a fair chance of winning.


Hi, and welcome!

I think that might have been this:

It’s not actually a game, it’s a video Quinns made for an Art Exhibition about a game which doesn’t exist, it was just for the exhibition.

The game looks SO GOOD though, a lot of people asked the creators to make it happen!

They have a youtube channel which had a new video on it 2 months ago claiming to be an internal playtest, but checking today their website is down so I don’t know if a physical version of the game is likely now.