Call of Cthulhu: Rigid Air

Oh, hello there. Do excuse the mess; I told them it should be near the Officers’ Quarters, but by the time I got back from HQ some bloody fool had plonked it down here. They’d been holding the plans upside-down the whole time, as it turned out. Just pull up a chair, push the Second Lieutenant off it - she won’t mind, it’s quite a soft carpet - and grab yourself a drink. Preferably not the Second Lieutenant’s, I think she’s endured enough for one day, and besides, the stuff she drinks takes the varnish off doors, even if they’re not in the same building.

Where was I going with this?

Oh, yes. Roger kindly offered me a spot on the forums to talk about my games, if anyone fancies doing that for some reason. It’s quite an honour. I can’t say my crew bring the same wit, panache, professionalism and all-round star power to our games, but I think you may agree there are certain similarities of tone.

I thought I’d kick things off by linking to our most recent recorded game, a Call of Cthulhu scenario. It’s Rigid Air from Fearful Passages:


Oooh lovely, I’ll make some podroom to downdrop this into my nogspace, thank you!

While I’m not up on your hepcat jive, I’ll have a listen too. :smile:

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Thanks! I’d love to know what you think of it.

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I’m listening to the character generation session now. The scenario sounds like a good one. I agreed with the GM’s gentle but firm stance on comedy Mexicans. :smiley:

This kind of group of nutters is hard work for the GM, but can be great fun. (Just finished part 2.)

(Now finished it.) Yes, I can see you did a fair bit of hacking on that - removing the unavoidable downbeat ending definitely works in your favour as far as I’m concerned. (Much better to offer the illusion of hope and then let the players know that it’s their fault things went badly.)

I see you are not unfamiliar with this phenomenon (looks at folder of Roger’s audio).

Honestly, I think it can work very well if the group clicks and their wavelength at least harmonises with the GM’s intentions. I also had the advantage of playing the scenario with a slightly less loony (but nevertheless loony) group previously, so you have an inkling where it’s going to spring up.

I’m glad you found the rest entertaining. I always like hearing from people! I will get round to writing up my hack notes one day. Yeah, downbeat endings aren’t really my thing, and prescribed ones most of all. The other benefit is they now have some NPCs for when I finally get round to writing up a sequel.