Call of Cthulhu: CtHALLOWEENulhu 2017


Anyone Googling this episode title is likely to end up on a police list.


Most any of these episode titles will suffice I expect.

Call of Cluedo sounds like it would be pretty fun actually.


“It was Howard, in the library, with the correlation of the contents of the human mind. Again.”


Session 6 - Murder: Is It Worth It to Save the World?: A good old-fashioned Whartson Hall Flounder, taking some dark turns as we realise that whatever happens we’re all doomed.


IT was certainly darker than I was expecting. ‘Let’s try doing a bit in the zoo’, I thought, ‘that might be fun!’.


Nature, red in tooth and claw. Brick red.


The setup for making it look like suicide just seemed so obvious that I came out with it… and only then realised that everyone else was metaphorically edging away from me.


Perfectly obvious. That’s why there’s that well-known phrase, ‘Like feeding a corpse to lions,’ for something that’s so obvious it barely needs stating.


Session 7 - The Best We Can Do: A mildly unexpected turn into murder, animal abuse and dynamite. Well, all right, the dynamite wasn’t unexpected.


You say that as if the dynamite wasn’t your fault.


Hanrahan has been expecting to use some dynamite since the last CtHALLOWEENulhu.


I’m just glad you didn’t dynamite the elephant.


Not just the titles! Listening to the content as well - “… two sticks up the Jacksie …” I thought that kind of thing was reserved for the Bullingdon Club?


Session 8 - The Elephant in the Room: The triumphant conclusion, in which we all do what we do best.


Perhaps of interest to Hanrahan is this letter from Richard E. Yates under pseudonym as Horace Hardscrabble.


Hanrahan is now the only survivor from these two adventures. Which is faintly worrying really.


Great campaign!

It’s a shame that Stanley’s ex, Violet Staunton, wasn’t called Jane - then, you could’ve named one of the episodes “(Chaugnar) Faugn with (Murder) Dick & Jane”. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll try to pun better in our upcoming play of Masks of Nyarlathotep!


We’ll certainly have more time to think of something.


Masks, eh? Sounds promising. Will any of the investigators be a mathematician? That way, your first episode - which will presumably involve Jackson Elias, one way or another - could be called: Elias, Damn(ed) Elias, & Statistics.