Calico, Cascadia & Verdant - A Tricky Triple-Review


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Sums up my feelings on Calico and Cascadia pretty well, and I really enjoy both of them. it’s interesting to hear how they’ve warmed on Cascadia. On the podcast they gave the impression it was fine, but a bit too chilled.


That was damn good. Really pleased to see that they agree with me on how Calico plays (you need exact matches and at some nail-biting point you realise you won’t get them, so it becomes about damage control) vs Cascadia (MUCH more relaxed, still some nice tension when the landscapes and animal pairs don’t match and you have to make choices, but maybe the ultimate chill intro game to the hobby for new players / family right now).

And brilliant to see Ava!


Cascadia is better but I feel like it’s perhaps a bit too smooth. The scores are always a bit too similar - I wonder if the variability is so wide that there aren’t too many dangers in the game by design the rub being the game descends into a mire of porridge a little bit?

After four plays, I’m finding the same thing. Close scores, and you can’t really point at anything you did that gave you the win (or cost you the game).

Huh, thought that was just me. Interesting!

Ah, I may have missed that aspect of it, as I’m playing a lot solo (and actually getting quite a range of scores).

I’ve also found that using the more advanced animal score cards (instead of "A"s) makes a difference to the complexity, and can open up the scoring between players a bit.