Board Game Based Puzzles

Some board game sites have been posting little puzzles and challenges lately based on board game themes. I’ve been enjoying them and thought others might as well.

Daily Worker Placement has been posting a new one every couple of weeks.

Their first was a simple word search with the clues as to the words to find in the grid being text from game’s rules books. The remaining letters in the grid then created a new small challenge to solve. Not a very difficult one.

Their second took me a few hours to get and I finally brute forced the end solution without actually figuring out a couple of the clues. It’s images of board game box covers in groups. Each group has a theme or sequence to it then there are several more box covers available as a pool. Pick the one from the pool to complete each theme or sequence. Again, once complete, the answers will reveal an additional new small challenge to solve.

The current one is a series of rebus puzzles, images that create a word or phrase, in this case the name of board games. The answers fit in a grid that will, per usual, then reveal an additional challenge. I’m struggling with this one! I think I’ve figured out three of them so far.

CardboardRepublic did what they called their April Game Hike. For the entire month of April, they posted an image a day of a board game setup to play. The catch was, each day there was a piece or pieces of some other game hidden somewhere in the image. Find the out of place piece(s) and name both games. The next day’s main game was the one the out of place piece(s) came from. It started easy with well known games and obvious out of place piece(s) and got progressively harder as the month went on. They posted this to their social media accounts not, as far as I can tell, to their main website.The easiest way to find it I think is via their Instagram tag of AprilGameHike, which might also work on Twitter or Facebook.

Anybody know of any other board game based puzzles? Or want to help me figure out Daily Worker Placement’s current one, the rebus puzzles?


Well, I can definitely see Fire in the lake. What ones are you missing?


The ones I think I’ve figured out, if you can match them to the images are


The one you said is much more literal than any of those which makes me wonder what other obvious ones I’m missing.

I also have

Pack spam ear = Pax Pamir


And now

Deck rip toe = decrypto


Hear Eyes Tan = Here I Stand

I’m also thinking the first one should be something like Goal Dance Fever = Gold and Silver but that doesn’t include the last image and the only game I know along those lines is Silver & Gold so that’s backwards.

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That’s because the first one is

Goal Dance Ill Fur. I think they screwed up the name as I cannot see any other interpretation

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Second one has to be

Dual Powers

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I think the crying one is Terra Mystica.


I was working at it as Tear Barrel = Terrible? and had got no further but Tear Rum Hiss Tick AAAAHHHH! works!

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Sixth one with the boot is

UGG Rick Cola = Agricola


Glad you got that.

I was stuck with Cat Tick Ahh which was getting me nowhere

Fourth one down would be Endeavor (N DEVO ore).


The dirt mound one… My first thought when I saw it was Toad in the Hole but I don’t know of a game named that and it doesn’t fit in the answer grid. Do you think Crokinole is close enough for Croak in Hole or am I stretching?


Thank you! I had figured out what the N Devo part had to be but couldn’t get the rest of that so that one has been driving me particularly crazy!

I JUST figured that out! :smiley:

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I think you got it! That makes perfect sense.

So that just leaves the Macintosh one?

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(How many letters is the last one?)

5 is the remaining length. If my idea on the first image that I thought didn’t use the last image and the only game I know is in the wrong order is correct anyway. It fits the other remaining length (13) so I guess it must be right?

Mac Ow = Macao