Blog suggestions?

I recently realised I’m not reading anything like the number of blogs I used to. Some have shut up shop, and partly because of that there isn’t the amount of cross-linking that led me wandering off into other places.

So, what interesting blogs do fellow Giant Albino Penguins read? Games are of course a good topic for this site, but don’t restrain yourselves.

Myself, I’m basically reading only Roger’s blog, and Refereeing and Reflection consistently.

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Really only one I regularly check for new content: Spacebiff.

Other than that I follow a number of authors. Standouts are: Scalzi (and his daughter) and Charlie Stross at antipope

I occasionally check out The Mary Sue and Singularity Hub.

The whole “blogosphere” thing is not what it once was …

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Yes, I think the rise of Twitter and so on have taken over a lot of the discussions that used to be blogged. Although I do use Twitter I think the loss of blogosphere is a shame.


Combine Twitter &c. with the “demise of RSS” (actually the demise of Google Reader, but for many people it seems to have felt like the same thing). There seems to be very little that’s gaming or gaming-adjacent and still active in my list of feeds these days, but some I’d recommend: aviation mishaps analysed bad films reviewed games news and some interesting longer pieces


Thank you for reminding me that I very much miss the chemistry blog “Things I won’t work with”:

“I’d call for all the chemists who’ve ever worked with a hexanitro compound to raise their hands, but that might be assuming too much about the limb-to-chemist ratio”

“if you heat those crystals up the two components separate out, and you’re left with crystals of pure CL-20 soaking in liquid TNT, a situation that will heighten your awareness of the fleeting nature of life.”


Thanks for this link - lots of deep dives here!

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