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For a brief moment after it was published, this video was titled “Blitzo”. I blame Tom and his “Bumpo” shenanigans.

Oh man! Blitzkrieg is one of my faves from Essen 2019 (wow that one felt a long time ago), aside from Oh Baby Babylonia.

I’m excited for Caesar! :star_struck: :star_struck:


I feel like I got monkey pawed with these two.

I love Paolo Mori and I’d love a solution to Dogs of War being giant and kinda unsatisfying at anything other than 5 players, but I absolutely hate the themes. Generic Roman is at least better than WW2, but not exactly inspiring.


Oh good! As a recent Blitzkrieg(!) owner I was concerned that it’d be a case of “Caesar(!)!is better in every way, no point buying Blitzkrieg(!)”.

Good to see how different they are. Will definitely pick up Caesar(!)!

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I don’t have a problem with WWII as a theme as long as it’s done “right” (by my lights), and I’m not sure a game this simple can do it right. I mean at the very least I’d be looking for the Axis to be trying to nail down some kind of local victory before the US economy kicks into high gear and steamrollers everything – which obviously this doesn’t give. (Neither does Air, Land & Sea, which I do enjoy, but it’s so abstract that the theme barely signifies. Maybe I should say the same about Blitzkrieg!.)

But all this means is “I won’t buy them now”, though I’ll happily try them out if I see them at conventions.


Yeah, I hate the theme too. Would much prefer low fantasy similar to Dogs of War (without infringing on the IP…) or something a bit colourful with good character design. WWII is automatically dour as a theme, I just don’t see the point in trying to make it fun. But it’s abstract enough that it doesn’t turn me completely off. Just frustrated it could have been so much better.

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My big problem is that it’s a 2-player only game, and I don’t know anyone I can play 2-player games with like this one.

Heavier, yes. Lighter, yes. But these mid-weight 2-player games are tough to get to the table…

Plus, as others have mentioned, I don’t care for the theme.

When the map first appeared on screen with its blocky font, I briefly saw “DEAN” instead of “OCEAN”.

Come on Quinns… SUSD already causes games to sell out, without you adding adorable baby giraffes into the equation. I wonder what bags of Caesar are selling for right now.

I really liked everything about this review. The script was great; it was really funny; it was informative; technically it was super slick; but I also just loved the energy – on top of enjoying the games, I wonder whether seeing people in person and getting outside may simply have rekindled Quinns’ enthusiasm?

(Also sad to notice that one of my thoughts watching their first post-sponsorship review was to wonder whether Quinns really liked the games as much as he was suggesting, and whether I should double-check who the publisher was.)

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What’s with saying ‘bonus’ as ‘bo-noose’? Ive noticed it in a couple of reviews now?


They like mispronouncing all sorts of words because they think it’s funny.


Yeah but often its different every time - I’ve heard Tom and Quinn’s do it now. And repeatedly.

How many times? Was it six times? Six? Six.


Must have been at least “sykes” times, yes.