Beast Review - Big Game Hunting!


this is the beast review.

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The end-of-year office party at work for staff and their families tends to hire face-painters. For the ‘kids’, you know. They have a portfolio of photos showing the things you can ask for including all the lions, tigers, and unicorns you could imagine; but (pro-tip) you can ask for anything, and they’re really talented artists (who possibly relish something different).

One year I was wearing a shirt depicting bright red Pōhutukawa flowers, so I asked if they could paint bees, heading for the flowers. The bees were incredible, despite each one being comprised of only a few brush strokes. Last time I got them to paint a third eye on my forehead, which looked properly freaky. (And when I went to take a photo of myself, the camera was catching the light oddly, and I managed to position it so that I had an apparent beam of light shining out of the third eye.)