Ava's Solo SoloCast


In this completely solitary episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Ava is taking you through a triplet of solo games in this meandering river of a podcast! She’s talking through Oranienburger Canal , Maquis, and Mage Knight - a smattering of solo for your Friday evening.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


03:37 - Oranienburger Canal

12:04 - Mage Knight1

18:26 - Maquis

It feels like they’ve given up the ghost a bit?


I seem to remember both Matt and Tom were having life stuff, and who knows what Quinns is up to these days, so maybe it was “Ava solo or nothing at all”. (I have tried solo recordings; I work much better with someone to bounce stuff off.)

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Tom is ‘navigating the horrors of the Brighton housing Market’

Matt is building a studio apparently.

And I believe Ava had some health-related absences.

Feels like SUSD has been heavily reliant on Tom for content over the last 6 months. He’s breathed new life in to the videos and podcasts but it’s becoming a bit too noticeable that without him there’s not much else going on.


Definitely, Tom has been the MVP for a bit now. He’s fantastic.

Ava’s voice has something that prevents the words from sinking into my head unless I REALLY focus. Their tone, or maybe the cadence, I don’t know, but actually absorbing what they’re saying is a struggle. Which is too bad, as they have some seriously good insight, like in this one, really selling the idea of solo gaming.


Almost every podcast I listen to has a sort of Gatling gun like Cadence… ratatatatatat of points. This sounds more like a beat poem. I think it might just take time to get used to but I also don’t think need the concept of the magic circle or rules explained with a floaty musical rhythm either.