Ask a teacher. (Ish)

I am one of those that needs concrete examples to understand mathematics beyond arithmetic. You need to remember that I am STILL the kid who got an A+ in Astrophysics and a D- in Calculus during my senior year of boarding school! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My main learning this week is.

‘The Online Infrastructure of the UK is still woefully unprepared for online learning.’


You are not alone. In my state the new system for online learning crashed horribly on the first day after vacation … haven’t heard anything since (I have no kids).

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It’s Showbie they are using for my daughters primary school. It works OK.

The only downside is worksheets get posted at 9 and throughout the day while I’m working.

We’re very lucky as we’ve got a very dynamic head of school who has no idea about ICT, which means he listens to parents.

So in theory, all work is uploaded the night before so we can work out what it actually means. :crazy_face: