Arkham Horror LCG epic multiplayer at SHUX 2022?!


Are you attending SHUX 2022? Are you interested in playing an epic multiplayer game of Arkham Horror LCG? Reply to this post!

An epic multiplayer game involves groups (of 1-4 players each) playing separate games, but working together towards a common goal. There are several scenarios that support this mode of play.

One of the modes requires exactly three groups. Labyrinths of Lunacy and Machinations Through Time are scenarios that use this mode, and a maximum of 12 players can participate.

The other mode can support any number of groups. Scenarios that use this mode are The Blob That Ate Everything and War of the Outer Gods.

We’ve played Labyrinths of Lunacy and The Blob That Ate Everything in the past and had lots of fun! Hopefully we can do something similar this year. :smiley:


Wow! Welcome @Tika ! Hope you are well?


Hi, I am! I fell into an extended pandemic funk and played nothing but Arkham Horror LCG on TTS for like 2 years. :laughing: I attended my first board game “con” in 3 years recently (~25 people at some cabins in the mountains) so I’m easing back into playing stuff other than AHLCG.


Well it is great to have you back, and glad that the funk has come to an end.

I don’t think we have an official Shux thread for this year yet.

Do we?


I don’t understand. Do the groups interact in some way?

They do! For Blob and War of the Outer Gods, everyone plays the same scenario, but there are shared global pools of key values. E.g. in Blob, all of the groups share a global pool of countermeasures, which can be used for various benefits. This means that stronger groups can generate more countermeasures than they consume so that struggling groups can use them. There is also a global clue threshold (when I played Blob online, this was almost 300!) on Acts.

There is more interaction in Labyrinths of Lunacy and Machinations Through Time. The groups play different maps, and in order to win the scenario, they must assist and receive assistance from the other groups. E.g. one group can’t finish complete a task until another group defeats a specific enemy in their game. There are also optional ways to help other groups with clues, resources and combat assistance.

I can highly recommend the epic multiplayer scenarios for anyone who has played and enjoyed AH:LCG before. I haven’t had a chance to try Machinations yet but I’ve had a blast with the other three at various events.

I love the way the groups interact in Labyrinths, Blob is worth it for the Reality Acid treachery alone and War of the Outer Gods nails the epic feeling of lots of groups of investigators working alongside each other.

The only caveat I’d give is that due to the complexity and time limits of the scenarios they aren’t suitable as an introduction to AH:LCG for a complete beginner. I think you need at least a basic familiarity with the rules to enjoy them.

Glad to hear the funk is easing. I’ve not really played much in two years but TI:4 on TTS, though just had some people over yesterday for games.

Jareth and I are probably interested. We started to get into ALCH before the pandemic, and I hope to get back into it again before he moves later this year. But it is a bit early and I don’t think there’s any other schedule of events, so there would be a very small handful of things we might prefer to do instead if it’s at the same time. Basically just another game of Mouseguard if someone is running it, and possibly Neon Black if it’s being run again.