Archiving SU&SD Threads

As I am sure some of you have noticed, I’ve started archiving old threads in the first post of their corresponding New threads.

The process itself is fairly simple.

You open a thread, press CTRL + P and save as a pdf, before uploading here. (Or dropboxing if too large.)

One issue is that at this moment, you can only save the first 700 posts of any thread. Another is that after a while I have to stop until the site lets you download any more.

Now it’s fair to say I won’t be able to do all of these, but are there any threads people really want archiving here? (We have a full backup available, but it’s made up of hundreds of pdfs, each one only showing about 20 posts.)


I would like the pbf games of Pax Pamir 2 and my Napoleon’s Triumph report archived. They were supposed to be references for people who do not own them to see how those games play out.

And the parenting thread, for nostalgia value.


Cool. I’m currently locked out of saving any more pdfs from the site, but we can certainly post them here.

Parenting is already done.


And, anyone can do this, so feel to save them yourself for your own records.

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These ones @Benkyo


Ok, I’ve added a bunch more thread archives here…


A lot of these are being stored on my personal dropbox.

Now I’m not really venturing outside at the moment, but if I was to be hit by a bus they would all swiftly become unavailable.

I urge those of you who treasure these things to download your own copies.

(I am again locked out for a few hours. Are there any other threads people desperately need?)


Thanks for this @RossM!


I think I’ve updated all I can at this point. If there is anything else this is your last call.