Apothecaria - Branching out into 2D art

Having dabbled in Delve and thousand year vampire i got a taste for the relaxed place of something journal like and maybe a little artistic to fill the few quiet lunch hours I get as a school teacher. Apothecaria has just turned up, along with a preposterous book to journal in and far too many pens.

It’s a solo journaling rpg about a witch foraging and brewing medicinal concoctions to treat the locals’ ills.

Thus far I’m really impressed with the tone and gentleness, though I’m really just getting started. I have to say that the shift from mini painting to 2D art is proving challenging, and exposing many of my artistic weaknesses! Oh well, it adds character.

Here’s a sample so far;


Slow progress, but the first patient is feeling better I think.


Very nice! I love how esoteric the instructions are; I’d swear some old cookbooks I’ve used would consider “until the vapour curls short” a valid instruction :laughing: