An appropriate image


If the audio doesn’t adequately express the general tone of our weekly online sessions, the Google algorithm in charge of creating thumbnails for my most-used websites has done a remarkable job itself.


I am deeply honoured to be the posterboy for Whartson Hall.


Therefore I tell my sorrows to the keyboard;
Who, though it cannot answer my distress,
Yet in some sort it is better than the players,
For that it will not intercept my tale:
When I do weep, it humbly at my fingers
Receives my tears and seems to weep with me

William Shakespeare, Jack Brass, Act 3, Scene 1


Poster? We hardly know her!


I moved from a small table to a larger desk for these sessions, in part because I didn’t have anywhere to bang my head against.


It’s a great image, to be sure! :slight_smile: