Adrian Tchaikovsky, Horseless Carriage, Rolling Heights, Ginkgopolis


Building building building. If you like building (or buildings) you will enjoy at least one of the board games covered in this episode in which you build buildings, buildings and also cars. How’s that for a build up? No? Let me construct some clarity.

Today we’ll talk about Ginkgopolis, a tile laying city building classic hidden gem, Rolling Heights, a city building game where you roll meeples and Horseless Carriage, a car constructing game from famed board game publisher Splotter Spellen. And finally, a real treat, an interview with famed speculative fiction author Adrian Tchaikovsky who reveals which modern board games he wrote into his novels.

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On to the timestamps:

2:49 Audience Correspondence – Past Games

18:04 Ginkgopolis

34:48 Rolling Heights

52:40 Interview – Adrian Tchaikovsky

1:08:09 This is the timestamp to avoid the spoilery question (it will make sense when you listen)

1:15:53 Horseless Carriage