About the Vampire 5th with Dr Bob category

For players to brainstorm and chat about Dr Bob’s proposed online Vampire the Masquerade 5th ed game. An Anarch campaign set in the fictitious Scottish city of Oldcastle, roughly halfway between Dundee and Aberdeen, and full of corrupt police officers and serial killers. Oldcastle was invented by Stuart MacBride for this crime novels. Players don’t need to have read any of the books. Though there is a very useful street map in the front of A Dark So Deadly.

Rulebooks Dr Bob intends to use: VTM5e core rules, Anarch 5e sourcebook, Camarilla 5e sourcebook, bits of The Ebony Kingdom (2nd ed?).

Stuff to put here:

  • Chargen ideas and questions, incl discussions about Coterie type

  • Dr Bob to witter on about setting stuff and deviations from WoD canon.

  • Non-players welcome to chip in about VTM rules or setting

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Neil Gow is lending me the Vampire 5e book on Saturday. Note I am a WoD virgin, but I learn…

Bought the first three novels on my Kindle

I think I read one of the Clan novels waaaaaaay back in the 90s. I didn’t know there were new ones

** Stuart MacBride** novels

D’oh! There are only 3 in Oldcastle. The rest are set in Aberdeen.
Either way, I recommend them. Nice black humour.

I like a detection novel and Rankin is done.

Dice you’ll need:

  • About seven to ten d10s (normal dice)

  • 5d10 which are a different colour or otherwise distinctive from the above d10s. These are your hunger dice.