About the Saga of Voluntas category

This is the section of the board for the players and Storyguide(s) of the ARS MAGICA Play by Post game: THE SAGA OF VOLUNTAS: The Last Days of Summer.

It’s a place to post details of characters, to discuss (out of character) developments in the game and to post the actual deeds of the characters as they move through adventures, discussions, research and more.

Topics should include a suitable heading.


To describe your Mage and Companion Characters. The Storyguide is responsible for maintaining Grogs. Characters that players may find themselves playing should have a full and accurate depiction in game mechanical terms. You should use this to also post updates when you improve the character.

For example:

Spring 1223: Earned three experience points in Adventure of the Mouldy Sock. Spent all three to increase Muto to 3.

Autumn 1243: Spent season creating new spell: Rage of the Virulent Lamprey.


This is used to discuss the campaign in out of character terms, as players not characters. Topics may include: Building the Covenant. Who Goes On the Next Adventure? What Do You Want To Do Next?


For example:

Here all players contribute what their characters are trying to do. Dice get rolled (See the OOC Thread I’m going to write on how to do this) and things progress. Hopefully.

Are there any more things we need to make space for?

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