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This category is for discussions of Brett Evill’s science fiction RPG setting, Flat Black. Also, of related science, technological developments, and science fiction.

Flat Black is an interstellar SF setting devised by Brett Evill (Agemegos) in 1987. It was designed particularly to support serial planetary romance in the vein of Jack Vance’s Oikumene, Gaean Reach, and Alastor Cluster stories, or Poul Anderson’s Polesotechnic League stuff. That is, the setting is specialised to support a series of encounters between groups of PCs and the bizarre but fathomable societies of humans (mostly) living on semi-isolated worlds.

Flat Black is set in nearby space within 175 light-years of Earth, and except for faster-than-light travel (as an enabling device) it features technology that is realistically (or more than realistically) limited. Despite the presence of FTL travel it is not meant for space opera. Despite the realistic limitations on technology it is not meant for true hard SF but for SF adventure stories.

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A 9,000-word introduction to Flat Black can be downloaded as either a PDF or an ePub file from the On Line Texts page of the otherwise-defunct Flat Black wiki at Wikidot.

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