ABC plugs nine boardgames

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is a QANGO, so I thought it was not allowed to promote commercial products; but here it goes recommending nine boardgames:

  1. Pandemic
  2. Horrified
  3. Wingspan
  4. Gloomhaven
  5. Hellapagos
  6. Caverna: the cave farmers
  7. The Castles of Burgundy
  8. The King’s Dilemma
  9. there are only eight on the list now, and the article and its title have been edited to remove any mention of there how many are on the list. There were nine when it got oneboxed by Discourse.

Some good suggestions! I’m not sure I’d recommend Caverns or Gloomhaven to someone new to board games, but I agree that they’re both good games. The only one I’ve not heard of is Hellapagos



Hellapagos is hella… good tho. As a free-for-all party game with voting and alliances, I really enjoy it. Not to be taken seriously, of course


It’s always great to see some ‘mainstream’ Australian boardgame coverage. And I never realised Ella (of EllaLovesBoardgames) was an Aussie (and a Melburnian to boot)! To be fair, I know her mostly from Twitter, though now I want to watch more of her stuff.

Definitely a good bunch of games to highlight though - nice mix of styles and complexity and all that. Sometimes its the complex games that get people in - I starting boardgaming after a game of Arkham Horror - It takes all kinds :slight_smile: