A Play by Email Megagame?

Hey lovelies,

This has just popped up. The event takes place from the 16th May and lasts approx 8 weeks.

This message is an announcement that signups for Dusk City are officially open! Dusk City is a Play by Email Megagame where players take on the role of the Awakened, vampires who live among and apart from humanity. You will be thrust into the midst of a competition to prove your worthiness to lead, while also tangling with issues of morality and consequence. Signups for this game will remain open until May 4, 11:59 PM at GMT+8.

SIGNUP AND CASTING QUESTIONNAIRE: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSfvu…/viewform RULEBOOK: https://docs.google.com/…/1HfbU00F7t5XPhhVM2DpC…/edit…

WORLD ANVIL/WIKI: https://www.worldanvil.com/…/dusk-city-by-night…

PBEM GUIDE (written by Stu, a member of Control): https://docs.google.com/…/1rpsKpwyl1gbIVUd2L9ho…/edit…

I’ll be signing up myself. The window for sign ups is INCREDIBLY small.