A Collection Of Quality SU&SD GIFS

So, I have setup my “Quality SU&SD GIF Shoppe” on this here forum, after the great migration.


I understand that now - more than ever - people need a place where they can easily find SU&SD related GIFS! And who am I not to give the masses what they need?

Good Quality SU&SD GIFS are really rare and hard to find… best of all: here they are for free, so you can use them anywhere on this forum without repercussion.

So what is a GIF? It is basically an animated photograph, think Harry Potter, without the difficult to pronounce names. And best of all, you can easily make one yourself


f you ever want to make a good, quality SU&SD gif yourself it is actually super easy!

Step 1: Download “Screen-to-Gif”

This is open-source and free. Also very simple to use screen capture software.

Step 2: Find a good segment you want to capture and press the big ‘red button’ in the top-right corner of this program. You will see this screen:
Which you can position over the content you want to capture.

Step 3: Position the screen over the content you want to capture, and adjust the frame by manipulating the sides with the use of your mouse. Press ‘record’ (or F7) to start recording and then - when finished - press ‘stop recording’ (or F8).

Step 4: Watch your clip, you can now easily cut the frames you do not want or need and trim it to a good size.

Step 5: Save it as a ‘GIF’.

Step 6: Upload it to an online host. GIPHY is very user-friendly and again free. You only need to register to start uploading your gifs. After you have uploaded it, press: “share” (make sure to set your gifs to public) and then copy the link.

Step 7: Reply to this topic and paste your link from giphy.


To start it all of, let’s post my first ever GIF for SU&SD (which I still like to this very day…)

Now you know how to make them and you’ve seen one: let’s go ahead and fill this shoppe with content!

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Have a cuppa (@brandon)

Matt and his foamy beers

Component Fever (@Brandon)

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Hrmmm… bandwidth may be an issue on this forum I guess, seeing as images larger then 4096 kb are not supported… I’ll have to look if we can somehow make them smaller, but GIF’s are usually bigger because of their animated nature… :wink:

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How much size do you need?

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Hrmmm… it seems to have to do with optimization and length as well… I think it’s hard to say what would constitute an average GIF. But I believe somewhere in the 6000 or 7000 kb should be sufficient for most.

For example compare these GIFS:

This one is (19,310,819 bytes)

And this one (5,536,994 bytes)

This one (2,837,961 bytes)

Having said that: I have no clue how much it would cost you in terms of hosting and such? And I don’t want to run a shop where the actual landlord goes broke… :wink:


OK, you should have 32 megs available for new uploads.


No context gifs are the best…

Oddly arousing…

I don’t even remember making this!


This, needs to go here… :slight_smile:

Posted on the official SU&SD site, by Jarod. You can find it in the comments section for Planet X