#257 - Big Buildings, Bigger Creatures


On this terrifyingly tall episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt and Tom are checking out some games with BIG THINGS in ‘em! Skyrise is the latest from Brass: Brum publishers Roxley Games and has you making great stinkin’ scrapers, and Leviathan Wilds from new publisher Moon Crab Games gets us climbing the backs of crusty creatures. It’s a good pair of games!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


02:30 - Skyrise

19:47 - Leviathan Wilds

Looks like Skyrise is a reimplementation of a 2008 game called Metropolys. This snake bidding mechanic is something I saw in the game Nocturne that I played at PAX Unplugged last year. That had a pretty boring set collection game as the point structure - it sounds like in Skyrise/Metropolys, it sounds like where the final bid is matters more than in Nocturne, which I think is a better use of the snake auction. I’d definitely be into giving it a try!

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I havent tried Skyrise (only Metropolys) yet but from Geekbuddies, they prefer Metropolys.

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