#255 - Dragons & Demolitions


On this rambling, tangient-rich episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and Pip chat Wings and Wyrms in a creature feature on Wyrmspan! Then, we take a break from the hotness to discuss an old classic that Tom was bored to tears by; Roborally.

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03:23 - Wingspan & Wyrmspan

26:27 - RoboRally

My DIsqus account has apparently been purged, but if someone feels like adding this to the main episode comments on SU&SD, it might be helpful to the people asking questions there.

There are other programming games which may help you find out whether programming games as a whole are not for you, or just RoboRally. Specifically, you might consider:

  • Colt Express (no turning, wild west, grabbing loot rather than getting to the end of a racetrack first; on BoardGameArena)
  • VOLT (no turning, still robot battle, but fixes most of what RR gets wrong).

Personally I quite like the 2016 edition which gets rid of the whole “I can’t do anything, I just have to sit here while everyone else plays the game” failure state, but I generally prefer those other two.

I think Space Alert (one of the first “SUSD Recommends”?) probably also fits as a programming game as well. One of my original boardgame group hates it for that reason. I like it but we never got to play it enough

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The Dragon and Flagon is definitely a programming game. And was my indicator that this style of game is probably not for my wife. :slight_smile:

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