#253: New and Improved

“And Blass is reeling from Yves Saint-Laurent’s inverted atomic drop! But wait, who’s that running towards the ring? IT’S THE BIG O! Oscar de la Renta is coming to the assistance of his tag-team partner! We thought Pierre Cardin had locked him backstage in his dressing room but no, here he is, steel chair in hand! And he levels YSL with one perfect shot to the head!!! Can you believe it? This the kind of action you can only see on pay-per-view in Versailles!”

01:24 AYURIS: Trickerion: Legends of Illusion (Richard Amann & Viktor Peter, Mindclash Games, 2015)

Games Played Last Week:
04:06 -Deities (Gary Kim, Mandoo Games, 2022)
08:24 -Manhattan (Andreas Seyfarth, Hans im Glück, 1994)
10:48 -Votes for Women (Tory Brown, Fort Circle Games, 2022)
18:43 -Skytear Horde (Giacomo Neri and Riccardo Neri, Skytear Games, 2023)
23:29 -Barony (Marc André, Matagot, 2015)
24:49 -Don’t L.L.A.M.A. Dice (Reiner Knizia, AMIGO, 2021)
24:59 -Antike II (Mac Gerdts, PD-Verlag, 2015)
25:54 -Tribune (Karl-Heinz Schmiel, Spielworxx, 2021)
31:20 -Cockroach Poker (Jacques Zeimet, Drei Magier Spiele, 2004)
31:49 -Karuba (Rüdiger Dorn, HABA, 2015)
34:33 -Fealty (R. Eric Reuss, Asmadi Games, 2011)
37:17-Paperback Adventures (Tim Fowers and Skye Larsen, Fowers Games, 2022)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
41:08 Ad-free versions available on Patreon, please alert us to problematic ads
42:05 Shipyard by Vladimír Suchý being reprinted
42:59 The Battle of Versailles: fashion! Gossip! Celebrities! And… rebuilding Versailles. Ugh.
44:33 Potential SVWAG-Con poll! https://forms.gle/R7pDHNnx5EQXgSUh8

45:08 Topic: New and Improved

Now that they’re taking advertisements, I will not bother to post these any more. Nor will I be maintaining So Very Wrong about Games full episode list (which doesn’t work as well with their new RSS provider anyway). Nor will I be listening.

If anyone else wants to do the posting or episode list meintenance, feel free. Drop me a PM and I’ll give you all the details.

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I don’t get it. Haven’t listened to any of the most recent episodes yet, due to lack of time. They have a decent number of Patreon subscribers (me included) but I listen through Podcast Addict… -.-

The ad was a surprise. I’m contemplating upgrading the pledge to ad free but… eh. I might switch over to NPI.

Ads definitely on the YouTube version but baked into the audio.

I admit I’m an extremist. Some of it’s loss aversion, I suppose: I don’t mind them offering extra stuff to patrons, but I do mind them making things strictly worse for non-patrons. And in general I regard accepting advertising as a loss of any pretence of independence.

They make a statement that they won’t be taking any ad money of boardgames adjacent people in the episode.

Seems like to be THE lame excuse for me to stop listening. They are certainly better than the other reviewers where they actually play their games after a review. They’re like normal schmucks like us who attends board game clubs and experience the same experiences we do. But I really can’t be bothered listening to new stuff unless it has certain keywords and being a reviewer means you MUST follow the hype or become irrelevant.

When it comes to smaller/niche content creators, I don’t understand this stance at all–not from you specifically, but from people in general.

Cost of living keeps getting higher and higher, and if trying to open up new streams of revenue is what allows the content creators I enjoy to keep making content, then I’m all for it as long as things don’t start feeling like its main purpose is to generate clicks/views.

I don’t like ads–if there’s an option to pay to skip them, I usually take it–but understand the way things are, they’re usually necessary to make ends meet.