#250: Autobahn (title padding)


I once saw a video of a woman driving a Shelby GT350 Mustang on the Autobahn. It hit 275 kph without breaking a figurative sweat, roaring its primal power the entire way. I was petrified even watching the video. This is to say nothing of the terror I felt seeing it take offramps at roughly 100 kph, which is not terribly advisable with a vehicle that is not known for its cornering. Of course, there are many sections of the Autobahn with speed limits–and even more with no Mustangs on it at all. Tragedies heaped upon tragedies.

Games Played Last Week:
00:54 -boop. (Scott Brady, Smirk & Laighter Games, 2022)
01:53 -Bag of Chips (Mathieu Aubert and Théo Rivière, Mixlore, 2021)
03:26 -Ginkgopolis (Xavier Georges, Pearl Games, 2012)
05:32 -Street Masters: Aftershock (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2019)
07:10 -Equinox (Reiner Knizia, Plan B Games, 2021)
13:26 -Tammany Hall (Doug Eckhart, IDW Games, 2007)
17:44 -Marvel United (Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric M. Lang, CMON, 2020)
22:19 -Yellow & Yangtze (Reiner Knizia, Grail Games, 2018)
24:31 -Bot Factory (Vital Lacerda and João Quintela Martins, Eagle-Gryphon Games, 2023)
29:06 -The Wolves (Ashwin Kamath and Clarence Simpson, Pandasaurus Games, 2022)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
35:58 Dead Cells by Scorpion Masqué and Antoine Bauza, Ludovic Maublanc, et al
36:35 Puerto Rico 1897 component problems
36:53 Andromeda’s Edge on Gamefound: Dwellings of Eldervale in spaaaace
38:04 More MicroMacro: Crime City. Complete the map!
38:39 Funagain distribution woes: Stationfall, Revive, Horseless Carriage
39:34 Jekyll & Hyde vs. Scotland Yard: two-plaayer co-op trick-taking game
40:21 SVWAG on Patreon! www.patreon.com/svwag
40:56 Renegade deck-builders crossover: G.I. Joe & Transformers: New Alliances

42:13 Feature Game: Autobahn (Fabio Lopiano and Nestore Mangone, Alley Cat Games, 2022)