#244 - Our 2024 Board Game Predictions!


On this mystical episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and Quinns are delving into the future… and being embarrassed by the past. It’s the SU&SD 2024 Predictions Special, where our two intrepid hosts guess at what treasures await for the hobby in this glittering, shiny, brand new year.

Want to vote? If you listen to this podcast on Spotify, there should be a polls section where you can cast your opinion as to which of our hosts deserves a game from the others’ collection. A video of the resulting pilfering will be shared in part on our Twitter once the poll closes, and in full in our monthly ‘Bonus Bits’ Newsletter for donors to the site.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


03:57 - 2023 Predictions Revisited

21:01 - 2024 Predictions Created

I assume @RogerBW is to blame for the jungle remix of “Very”?

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Tom’s “2 games from 2023 in the top 10” prediction was really something.

With a quick glance at BGG’s historical ranking stats, I could find only 4 games that entered the BGG top 10 the same year they were released - Pandemic Legacy S1, Gloomhaven, Star Wars Rebellion and Scythe. Possibly the 4 most hyped board game releases… ever?

I’m not sure what games he had in mind that were on the horizon at the beginning of 2023, but for reference, there are currently no games released in 2023 in the top 100.

(I also like the gimmick of doubling down on old predictions that didn’t work out)

Looks like Roger’s post was what they used for going over last year’s predictions. Our 2023 Board Game Predictions! - #7 by RogerBW


[reflexively] I didn’t sign for it!

For the record, I am embracing my new role of Very Questionable Source.

For what it’s worth, I took “Dominoes!” to mean “dominoes will be the next big thing, the way roll and write or trick-taking have been”. But I blame all of you here for not telling me how heavy Oathsworn was.

However, since I am a glutton for punishment, I’ll summarise again, aware of the Dread Eyes of Quinns and Tom watching my every move…


  1. Dominoes! “One game that truly honours dominoes” (and not whatever that RPG was).
  2. Quinns and Tom play Quinns’ Deluxe Edition of Vinhos and it’s the only Vital Lacerda game Tom ever loves.
  3. A “designer” boardgame (“not Monopoly, not Battleship”), and not Wingspan, will show up in an episode of a TV show—being played and talked about, not just on a shelf.

(Quinns Unofficial Extra: SU&SD reviews at least two games that end up in the BGG top 100.)


  1. 7 Wonders falls out of the BGG Top 100. (At 90 at the time of recording.)
  2. Another “baby” Gloomhaven (Jaws of the Lion sized) will be announced.
  3. Ryan Courtney will announce another pipe game. (Has to be a full retail release.)

Reminds me of back when I used to read one of the Nintendo/Gamecube magazines, they used to have a feature called “Lakitu’s Lens” where if you sent in a photo of a Nintendo product being played in a TV show or movie, they’d send you a Gamecube game from their review pile. (Won a couple of games, they were mostly garbage.)

Keep in mind, this was at a time where smartphones and DVR weren’t widespread, so it did take some effort!

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