#243: Real-Time Games


We take no time off for Boxing Day here at SVWAG, a day so named because according to the common law of the King (still feels weird saying that) citizens of the Commonwealth are permitted to punch someone in the face on this day only. It’s like a pugilistic The Purge but with the metric system and occasional poutine. The news this week features a number of exemplary game titles. Many a stellar game has crossed our paths purely on the strength of its name, whereas others are so generic as to defy searching. Go ahead, find R on Board Game Geek, or the game Quest. I dare you.

01:59 AYURIS: Dominant Species Marine (Chad Jensen, GMT Games, 2021)

Games Played Last Week:
04:50 -Oak (Wim Goossens, Game Brewer, 2022)
10:59 -Weather Machine (Vital Lacerda, Eagle-Gryphon Games, 2022)
12:42 -Time of Empires (David Simiand and Pierre Voye, Pearl Games, 2022)
23:10 -Wayfarers of the South Tigris (S J Macdonald and Shem Phillips, Garphill Games, 2022)
26:40 -Persuasion (Xoe Allred, Unpublished)
31:31 -Starship Captains (Peter B. Hoffgaard, Czech Games Edition, 2022)
37:22 -Cockroach Poker (Jacques Zeimet, Drei Magier Spiele, 2004)
42:43 -Green Team Wins (Nathan Thornton, 25th Century Games, 2022)
47:53 -Arcana Rising (Tim Armstrong, Grey Fox Games, 2021)
50:12 -R (Seiji Kanai, Kanai Factory, 2011)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
52:35 Much that Is Good, and All that Is Evil: game about the Western Gull
53:08 The Adventures of Robin Hood: Friar Tuck in Danger expansion
54:14 End of year SVWAG survey! Questions! Prizes! Please help us plan! https://forms.gle/WuqtmUK39xFMAbAb7
55:10 Noobs in Space

55:48 Topic: Real-time Games

I’m very fond of FUSE – to the extent that when I look at Klenko’s other games I have a nasty habit of thinking that this bit is FUSE again, and that bit is a distraction. (This is surely not fair when it comes to Flip Ships.)

This sounded much more interesting to me than I gave it credit for.