#242: Random Events


All things in SVWAG are glorious, and that applies doubly for our glorious returns. We will also not be taking any additional breaks during the holidays! Yes, we can pledge an uninterrupted broadcast schedule through to the new year–leading directly to our annual end-of-year spectacular. And it shall be what, listeners? Say it with me,
It shall be glorious.

02:24 AYURIS: Bullet♥︎ (Joshua Van Laningham, Level 99 Games, 2021)

Games Played Last Week:
05:08 -Tidal Blades: Banner Festival (J.B. Howell and Michael Mihealsick, Druid City Games, 2022)
08:12 -Riftforce: Beyond (Carlo Bortolini, 1 More Time Games, 2022)
11:29 -Turing Machine (Fabien Gridel and Yoann Levet, Le Scorpion Masqué, 2022)
17:27 -Roll Camera!: The Filmmaking Board Game (Malachi Ray Rempen, Keen Bean Studios, 2021)
23:36 -John Company: Second Edition (Cole Wehrle, Wehrlegig Games, 2022)
29:27 -Horizons of Spirit Island (R. Eric Reuss, Greater Than Games, 2022)
33:20 -Terracotta Army (Przemysław Fornal and Adam Kwapiński, Board&Dice, 2022)
35:37 -Pandemic: Fall of Rome (Matt Leacock & Paolo Mori, Z-Man, 2018)
38:11 -Tiletum (Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini, Board&Dice, 2022)
39:44 -Brazil: Imperial (Zé Mendes, MeepleBR, 2021)
49:02 -Oak (Wim Goossens, Game Brewer, 2022)
50:46 -Frostpunk: The Board Game (Adam Kwapiński, Glass Cannon Unplugged, 2022)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
52:27 Calico app: cats on your phone
53:20 French website Tric Trac to shut down
54:18 Mythic Games divests itself of several IPs to CMON and Monolith Games
56:01 Sweaty Tryhard vs. Filthy Casual: not meant as insult. New Myers-Briggs to be crafted?
58:10 Inside Job: trick-taking with traitor
58:52 IKI expansion: Akebono. Walker summons the purifying flames.
59:23 Queen games reprints Stefan Feld’s city collection with no updates in 9-day campaign. Allegedly.

1:00:35 Topic: Random Events