#241: Planet Unknown


Sometimes a game’s title leads to it being underplayed. Such is not the case for Carolus Magnus, whose chief downside might be the surplus of excellent aliases (Chuckie Mags, Charlie Big-Big, Carlos Grande, Caroolie Magoonie, et al). Planet Unknown, on the other hand, hardly sticks in one’s memory. Planet Lazy Susan, though perhaps a bit clumsy, would have likely generated more interest and most definitely adhered to gamers’ memory more.

Games Played Last Week:
01:06 -I.S.S. Vanguard (Andrzej Betkiewicz, Krzysztof Piskorski, Paweł Samborski, and Marcin Świerkot, Awaken Realms, 2022)
08:03 -Teotihuacan: City of Gods (Daniele Tascini & Dávid Turczi, NSKN Games, 2018)
11:51 -Frostpunk: The Board Game (Adam Kwapiński, Glass Cannon Unplugged, 2022)
24:07 -MicroMacro: Crime City–All In (Johannes Sich, Edition Spielwiese, 2022)
27:27 -Endless Winter: Paleoamericans (Stan Kordonskiy, Fantasia Games, 2022)
29:34 -Last Message (Lee Ju-Hwa and Giung Kim, IELLO, 2021)
33:07 -Eriantys (Leo Colovini, Cranio Creations, 2021)
34:41 -War Chest (Trevor Benjamin & David Thompson, AEG, 2018)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
35:39 Snow People on Kickstarter: inexpensive PnP
37:35 “Convention Haul” pictures are often just marketing; audience beware
39:25 Teeter Tower: Dice-rolling stacking game

40:06 Feature Game: Planet Unknown (Ryan Lambert & Adam Rehberg, Adam’s Apple Games, 2022)