#238: Dealing with Rules Mistakes


Most of those time loop movies, while enjoyable, lack any degree of verisimilitude–clearly the chief use of a power to undo time or back up would be to get another chance at not saying something terribly stupid and embarrassing. One wonders if such time travelers would have a yet deeper reservoir of memories of sounding like a total cretin, even though those utterances were never said in the actual timeline (setting aside the multiverse version of time travel, or the “Infinite Douchebag” theory).

01:33 AYURIS: Anachrony: Fractures of Time (Richard Amann, Viktor Peter, Dávid Turczi, & Mindclash Games, 2020)

Games Played Last Week:
03:56 -Free Ride (Friedemann Friese, 2F-Spiele, 2021)
10:36 -Embryo Machine (Giguru Akiguchi and Toshimitsu Shigaki, LionWing Publishing, 2018)
11:31 -Monolyth (Phil Walker-Harding, CMON, 2022)
13:58 -Arcana Rising (Tim Armstrong, Grey Fox Games, 2021)
18:17 -Skymines (Viktor Kobilke and Alexander Pfister, Deep Print Games, 2022)
24:18 -Soda Smugglers (Reiner Knizia, Bitewing Games, 2022)
27:27 -Hot Lead (Reiner Knizia, Bitewing Games, 2022)
30:42 -Pumafiosi (Reiner Knizia, Bitewing Games, 2022)
33:55 -Tiny Turbo Cars (Hjalmar Hach, Alessandro Manuini, Jonathan Panada, Laura Severino, and Giulia Tamagni, Horrible Guild, 2022)
38:02 -Terra Nova (Andreas Faul, KOSMOS, 2022)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
42:16 New Patreon-exclusive show: WIRED, about our Oathsworn campaign.
42:37 Check your Patreon messages if you submitted to get a copy of Horizons of Spirit Island!
43:10 Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies by BakaFire
45:49 Michael Crossman’s 100 Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Combat Accessories on Kickstarter
47:07 The Last of Us: Escape the Dark
48:48 Minimalist version of Gatefall by Jack Dire on Kickstarter

50:16 Topic: Dealing with Rules Mistakes