#236 - Brain of the Century


On this historic episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Matt and Tom are smacking chess pieces together in Match of the Century, cramming their brains with tetrominoes in Mind Space, cramming their drawers (NOT RUDE) with junk (NOT RUDE) in Junk Drawer, and stealing eachothers words in Shenanigrams! It’s a smorgasBOARD of BOARD games! See what I did there? WAHOOEY!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Match of the Century - 01:47

Mind Space - 13:40

Junk Drawer - 21:10

Shenanigrams - 25:17

I like the idea of a more generic Match of the Century applied to other contests; I get the impression that a lot of cards in this one are based on actual events at that particular contest, which is all very well… but I am an Old Gamer (see threads elsewhere), and even I only remember people talking about the Fischer-Spassky championship in 1972 later, not the thing itself at the time. How many people are both meaningfully excited about this, and buying new games? @MichaelCule, was this a thing of interest to you?

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