#231: Capitol Lux 2


Even the steadfastly Imperial Americans are familiar with metric measurements of distance, volume, and temperature; but alas, the metric French Republican calendar has fallen by the wayside. Consisting of 12 months of exactly 30 days each (3 10-day weeks) with 5 (or 6, for leap years) interstitial days called “complementary days.” I mean, you couldn’t call them holidays what with your trying to purge religious influence on your calendar! In a fun twist, each of the 360 normal days, instead of Saint’s Days, was meant to commemorate the “treasures of the rural economy.” Like horseradish day (Frimaire 12), or rabbit day (Nivôse 15). Even more exotic was metric time, and don’t get me started on that.

Games Played Last Week:
01:31 -Tobago: Volcano (Bruce Allen, Zoch Verlag, 2020)
03:50 -Ascension Tactics: Miniatures Deckbuilding Game (Justin Gary & Ryan Sutherland, Stone Blade Entertainment, 2021)
06:18 -Uprising: Curse of the Last Emperor (Cornelius Cremin, Pawel Mazur, & Dirk Sommer, Nemesis.Games, 2021)
08:50 -Resist! (Trevor Benjamin, Roger Tankersley, & David Thompson, Salt & Pepper Games, 2022)
14:07 -The Adventures of Robin Hood (Michael Menzel, KOSMOS, 2021)
15:44 -Regicide (Paul Abrahams, Luke Badger, & Andy Richdale, Badgers from Mars, 2020)
16:38 -51st State: Master Set (Ignacy Trzewiczek, Portal, 2016)
18:16 -Swords around the Throne (Renaud Verlaque, My Kind of Games, 2022)
23:23 -Wormholes (Peter McPherson, Alderac Entertainment Group, 2022)
27:04 -Blitz Bowl: Season 2 (James M. Hewitt, Games Workshop Ltd., 2020)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
33:07 SHUX! September 30-October 2. SVWAG on stage for two live shows on October 1.
33:22 Unboxed: Board Game Experience and Design by Gordon Calleja and MIT Press releases October 4.
34:13 Pandemic everything! Star Wars: The Clone Wars–A Pandemic System Game
34:35 Mac Gerdts’ Crossing Oceans
35:43 International Gamers Awards winners announced: Carnegie, Ark Nova, and Cascadia.
[EDIT: In the broadcast we mistakenly refer to the International Gamers Awards as the International Gaming Awards. We apologize for the error.]
36:14 Disney trading card game: Disney Lorcana

37:47 Feature Game: Capital Lux 2: Generations (Eilif Svensson & Kristian Amundsen Østby, Aporta Games, 2020)

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The proclamation of the Republican Calendar contained two incompatible methods for determining leap years.

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Oh man. The French Revolutionary Calendar is so wild. They also made a terrible flaw where they extended the week from 7 to 10, but didn’t extended the weekends. So you have to wait 9 days to get 1 day of rest The peasants are obviously pissed off


Though quintidi was a universal half-day, so the total time off was only a little less.

Interesting to hear these thoughts on Tobago: Volcano - my impression after 3-4 plays is that I’d much rather introduce players to the “classic” game first, then later add the complication of the volcano potentially changing what’s valid in mid-search (e.g. that largest forest is no longer largest, or there is no longer any lake within two of a hut). But I may well be wrong.

Anyone here played Resist? Not keen on getting it myself as I don’t play solo

I will probably play Resist! at some point now that I’ve realized it is a solo game :slight_smile: It was already on my SPIEL list of games to check out.

Am I wrong or does Capital Lux sound a bit like Smashup?
Sadly any game that includes that much interaction and take that cards (also see Smashup) is doomed to not get more than a couple of plays in this household. It sounds interesting though.


I listened to the review of capital lux and decided I needed the other cool sci-fi looking game from that era, sentient. I’d consider getting capital lux but the math seems more hidden and memory based.

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