#230 - It’s a Numbers Game


On this 3-digit episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and Pip are chatting about 003 different games, and scoring NO POINTS for it! First up is the light deduction puzzler The Number, followed by a retrospective and sleepy chat about Broom Service. We tie things up by talking about the much-hyped Sea Salt & Paper, trying to get BIG BLUE POINTS in the BIG BLUE SEA.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


02:04 - The Number

14:57 - Broom Service

30:45 - Sea Salt & Paper

I remember seeing Broom Service in the very-discount rack at my FLGS back around 2017. I thought it looked very tempting visually, but I’m a wary purchaser so I passed it up. I looked up how it plays at the time and felt I made the right choice, that playing it would most likely be an exercise in frustration.

I can’t say I regret it, but I do think that six years later, it might be a bit of silly fun (“No, I’m the brave forest witch, you BASTARD!!!”). Maybe I’ll try to get it played as a late-night game if it’s in the PAX Unplugged library this year. I feel like we could die of laughter like we did playing Vineta when we’re in that loopy part of the night.

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I haven’t listened to what they’ve said on the podcast yet, but leaning into this is definitely the way to play. There’s some optional bits in my copy, but I’ve never used them because its lightness is one of the major benefits.