#228 - Best Nemeses!


On this confrontational episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and “NEW POD PERSONALITY PIP” chat about a whole cluster of games! First, the pair divine the precise co-ordinates of a sweet potato in Tiwanaku, before bearing witness to the unholy power of fire in Iki. To close out the pod, Tom recommends Pip try out Block Party, a game of making a detailed carrot from cubes.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


01:57 - Tiwanaku

22:40 - Iki

38:25 - Block Party

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Lovely to hear from Pip again! Pity the games weren’t all that interesting, but hey ho.


It looks like the demo for Logic Town is no longer available. If anyone finds it let me know, would really love to give it a try!

Still seems to be at Logic Town - Demo by Mark Ffrench .

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:musical_note: Did you ever knoooowwww that you’re my heeeroooooooo!!! :musical_note:

Hm, seems to hang at the opening loading screen though, unfortunately…