#227 - Three* Great* Games!


In this inconveniently titled episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and Quinns talk about Three* Great* Games! We’re talking about two* cracking* games from Reiner Knizia - Zoo Vadis and My Island, as well as the latest tiny-box game from Devir; Bamboo!

Rarely does my cold and mechanical editors heart chuckle whilst chopping pods, but I made myself laugh with this one. I think it’s good fun*. Enjoy!

*(with caveats)

Note: Quinns refers to the wrong artist during our Bamboo section - the painting is a Hokusai!

Have a great weekend, everybody!


01:30 - My Island

12:47 - Bamboo

22:37 - Zoo Vadis

Okay, after hearing more about it, Zoo Vadis sounds like a lot of fun

I caught a sight of the back of the box of My Island today for the first time. I must say the hexagons have me spooked. I think the shapes of the original game have a much more intuitive feel than what appears to be a colour matching thing (somewhat closer to planet unknown in this respect).