#220: Dice Realms


Enjoy the works of Thomas Lehmann while you can! Despite the lack of player interaction of Dice Realms, Mr. Lehmann has violated local, provincial, and federal law by not supplying a solo mode. International treaty has also been flouted by the absence of a campaign. I fear he may be put in boardgame jail as a consequence. Can he build a tableau convincing enough as his defence? His attorney, Dr. Gonzo, does not inspire much confidence.

Games Played Last Week:
01:01 -Titan (Matthieu Podevin, Holy Grail Games, 2022)
09:25 -Carnegie (Xavier Georges, Quined Games, 2022)
12:58 -Core Worlds: Nemesis (Andrew Parks, Quixotic Games, 2021)
16:36 -Transmissions (Adam West, CrossCut Games, 2022)
19:11 -burncycle (Josh J. Carlson & Shannon Wedge, Chip Theory Games, 2022)
21:41 -Lancaster: Big Box (Matthias Cramer & Wolfgang Panning, Queen Games, 2015)
27:49 -Sleeping Gods (Ryan Laukat, Red Raven Games, 2021)
31:21 -Shamans (CĂ©drick Chaboussit, Studio H, 2021)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
34:49 FlickFleet: Xeno Wars on Gamefound
36:12 Village Big Box
36:39 Puerto Rico decolonized: Puerto Rico 1897
37:53 Furnace expansion: Interbellum
38:25 BoardGameGeek signs deal to push Gamegenic sleeves. Too little independent media in boardgaming?

40:22 Feature Game: Dice Realms (Thomas Lehmann, Rio Grande Games, 2022)

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Agree with their take. Interesting game that is - again - sullied by the “Kickstarter level production”. Drones are hard to identify. The cube colours are a fffing joke. But @EnterTheWyvern and I found something very interesting with this game.

Re: Dice Realms. I do understand why it cost like that. But justifying this for me would be like justifying Foundations of Rome

The way I justified the high price was that it’s basically the same as a post tax and postage price for a £50 game on kickstarter. It’s not more expensive than that but obviously the sticker shock is camoflaged on kickstarter.

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I agree with these 2 issues. The cube colours being the worse of them, I at least felt I knew which of my drones would activate on a turn by the end. However I disagreed with Bigney’s assertion that the board would be better flat. The levels for the connections between sections was a boon for game play and visibility. The board would also be too big if they had to lie flat on a cardboard board.

exactly my thoughts. They’re not helping getting this back to the table. I need more game in my story or way less.