#218 - The “Special Treasure Chest” Special


In this refreshing episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast, Tom and Quinns are chatting about a smattering of great old games that they played ‘Just For Fun’! We’re starting with two classic Knizias in Taj Mahal and Samurai, before alighting to the pub for some small box gems - Mundus Novus and Parade.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


05:53 - Taj Mahal

15:58 - Samurai

26:30 - Mundus Novus

36:22 - Parade

Here’s the Parade I have (got in a maths trade), which I think is the original published art:

Here’s the Z-Man version:
(Both images from BGG.)
Have to say I really prefer the art in mine, though I don’t love it.


Both have their appeal. I definitely don’t like the format of the numbers on the top version, as they look like some cheap $2 kid’s card game from the 80’s. But I do like the more classical character depictions over the more cartoony look on the bottom cards. Nothing bad about the cartoony ones, just prefer the ones above. So we need a third edition which takes the numbers and frames from the bottom cards and uses the character art from the top! That’s the edition I’ll buy!


Or maybe even actual Tenniel illustrations? Which would have been out of copyright well before the first edition of the game came out (probably since about 1928, it was life plus seven years when he drew them), so I’m not entirely clear on why they weren’t used before…


I feel like I should play more Taj Mahal, it’s a Knizia I’ve never quite got the hang of. Seems to be so different to any of his other games.