#205: Draws and Red Flags


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01:07 AYURIS: Imperial Struggle (Ananda Gupta & Jason Matthews, GMT Games, 2020)

Games Played Last Week:
03:26 -Black Hole Rainbows (Uncredited, June Dune Games Production, 2022)
06:45 -Ascension Tactics: Miniatures Deckbuilding Game (Justin Gary & Ryan Sutherland, Stone Blade Entertainment, 2021)
15:00 -Meeples and Monsters (Ole Steiness, Alderac Entertainment Group, 2022)
17:17 -Assault on Doomrock: Ultimate Edition (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster Games, 2022)
22:45 -Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period (Rainer Ahlfors, Andrei Novac, & Daniele Tascini, Board2Dice, 2019)
28:01 -Crash Octopus (Naotaka Shimamoto, itten, 2021)
31:39 -Reichbusters: Project Vril (Jake Thornton, Mythic Games, 2020)
33:45 -Città-Stato (Simone Cerruti Sola, Giochix.it, 2021)
37:06 -Clinic Deluxe Edition (Alban Viard, AVStudioGames, 2019)
40:32 -IKI (Koota Yamada, Sorry We Are French, 2015)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
41:51 SVWAG on break
42:25 Warpgate: Beyond by Artyom Nichipurov and Wolff Designa on Gamefound
43:11 Renegade reprinting Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done and distributing expansion
44:30 Can we stop using the word “pimp” in gaming contexts? Let us “bling” instead
45:18 MERCH! soverywrongaboutgames.myspreadshop.com (or .ca) 15% off the next two weeks!

46:45 Topic: Draws and Red Flags