#203: Difficulty in Co-ops


We’re always on the lookout for new potential taglines here at SVWAG, as our earlier efforts “that one where the guy talks to that dude” and “we shout into a can so you don’t have to” have been deemed insufficient. “We like it hard” was put forth by Walker, but the editorial staff are afraid it is apt to be misconstrued. “We weaponize children” was rejected for the opposite reason, namely that it might be correctly interpreted. Specificity tends to get us into trouble, which is why we have kept “a boardgaming podcast about boardgames” for as long as we have.

1:04 AYURIS: Project: ELITE (Konstantinos Kokkinis, Marco Portugal, & Sotirios Tsantilas, CMON, 2020)

Games Played Last Week:
02:33 -Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done (Seth Jaffee, Tasty Minstrel, 2018)
04:54 -Beyond the Sun (Dennis K. Chan, Rio Grande Games, 2020)
08:48 -Gutenberg (Katarzyna Cioch & Wojciech Wiśniewski, Granna, 2021)
11:24 -Reign (Uncredited, PlayMonster, 2020)
16:55 -Gizmos (Phil Walker-Harding, CMON Global Limited, 2018)
18:30 -Combat Commander: Mediterranean (Chad Jensen, GMT Games, 2007)
23:15 -Jekyll vs. Hyde (Geonil, Mandoo Games, 2021)
27:08 -Ankh: Gods of Egypt (Eric M. Lang, CMON, 2021)
30:52 -Merchants Cove (Jonny Pac, Carl Van Ostrand, & Drake Villareal, Final Frontier Games, 2021)
33:33 -Caverna: The Cave Farmers (Uwe Rosenberg, Lookout Games, 2013)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
37:16 Co-op Carcassonne: Nebel über Carcassonne, “Fog over Carcassonne”
38:00 Frostpunk and Dying Light Adaptations
39:00 Undaunted Normandy on PC, Mac, and iPad by Bookmark Games
40:04 51st State Master Set Ultimate Edition on Gamefound

40:29 Topic: Difficulty in Co-ops


(It’s not part of the game title.)

As Yet Unnamed Retrospective Introductory Segment, i.e. the game they reviewed a year ago.

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How silly of me not to guess!

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