2024 Board Game Challenges!

Played another couple games of War on Arrakis, and still enjoying it, but figured out we were doing a bunch of rules wrong that made the Atreides a lot harder to win with. But that just means I’m looking forward to the next game more!

Nick and I played our second mission in our campaign (which he is definitely going to win) of Battletech, and it continues to be great. I know a bunch of things I will definitely do differently next time (Primarily involving taking medium mechs… I don’t usually like mid-weights, I’m all about lights and heavies, but the way the scenarios are made it makes a lot of sense to have some bullet sponges available).

Other than that, not a lot of games off the list, but it was a very busy month for my writing and painting. Hopefully April will be better!

Nothing off the list, but I don’t think I added any new games either, except for a copy of Ark Nova that a buddy wanted out of his collection. We played it, it’s good (I still like Terraforming Mars better), and since he hates it, I now own it.

My store is running a massive sale on copies of Anhk, so one of those is coming home with me this month, but on the 14th there’s a gaming Yard Sale run by the local gaming group, and my plan is to purge at least 50 games from my collection. First, I need the money (editing costs this month were $3,390), second I need the space (my gaming shelf is buried behind so many games I can’t even get to it right now).

It’s going to hurt. I love a lot of the games that I need to axe because they never see the table, and I doubt I will manage to sell all the games I bring even if I’m willing to give them away (and at the end of the sale I just might), which means I’ll have to say goodbye to the ones I really like and might have to bring home the ones I like least! Ah well.