#197: Ankh: Gods of Egypt


In the 14th Century B.C.E., the pharaoh Akhenaten attempted to shift Egypt into monotheism centered on the cult of the god Aten. Apparently there’s some who argue it was possibly instead henotheism, whereby many gods are acknowledged but one is elevated above the others–a claim advanced about many ostensibly mono- or polytheistic religions, even some practised today–but at any rate is was exceptionally controversial. By the time his son Tutankhaten became pharaoh, the cult of Aten was suppressed, and the ascendancy of the god Amun was restored in a polytheistic pantheon. Hence the new pharaoh’s name was changed from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun. Theme!

Games Played Last Week:
05:51 -Coyote (Spartaco Albertarelli, New Games Order, 2015)
07:19 -Assault on Doomrock: Ultimate Edition (Tom Stasiak, Beautiful Disaster Games, 2022)
13:11 -Furnace (Ivan Lashin, Hobby World, 2021)
15:24 -That Time You Killed Me (Peter C. Hayward, Pandasaurus Games, 2021)
22:03 -The Adventures of Robin Hood (Michael Menzel, KOSMOS, 2021)
26:16 -Final Girl (Evan Derrick & A.J. Porfirio, Van Ryder Games, 2021)
34:43 -Radlands (Daniel Piechnick, Roxley, 2021)
38:06 -Crash Octopus (Naotaka Shimamoto, itten, 2021)
41:53 -7 Wonders: Architects (Antoine Bauza, Repos Production, 2021)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
43:35 Kickstarter Christmas! Upcoming For Science! giveaway
44:17 Boardgamegeek 2021 Support Drive
44:37 Walker a guest on Board Game Barrage
45:29 25th Century Games’ Ra with Ian O’Toole art
46:12 Games Workshop backtracks, re-issues Cursed City
46:53 See you again in 2022

47:36 Feature Game: Ankh: Gods of Egypt (Eric M. Lang, CMON, 2021)