#166: Tempo (title padding)



Knizia reference, check; Kant reference, check; Shakespeare reference, check (albeit subtle); Scott Pilgrim reference, check (albeit a gimme); Macross reference, check; Letterkenny reference… wait, this must be a mistake. Where’s the Letterkenny reference? This is no way to try to win a Golden Geek.

01:58 AYURIS: Edge of Darkness (John D. Clair, AEG, 2019)

Games Played Last Week:
03:38 -Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World (Erica Bouyouris, Renegade Game Studios, 2021)
07:53 -Red Rising (Alexander Schmidt & Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games, 2021)
13:13 -In a Grove (Jun Sasaki, Oink Games, 2011)
16:13 -Moon Adventure (Jun Sasaki, Oink Games, 2021)
19:43 -Cosmic Frog (Jim Felli, Devious Weasel Games, 2020)
20:55 -Galaxy Hunters (Daniel Alves, IDW Games, 2021)
23:15 -Regicide (Paul Abrahams, Luke Badger, & Andy Richdale, Badgers from Mars, 2020)
25:21 -L.A.M.A. (Reiner Knizia, AMIGO, 2021)
27:38 -Abandon All Artichokes (Emma Larkins, Gamewright, 2020)
30:57 -The Magnificent (Eilif Svensson & Kristian Amundsen Østby, Aporta Games, 2019)
36:34 -Claustrophobia 1643 (Croc & Laurent Pouchain, Monolith, 2019)
40:12 -Merv: Heart of the Silk Road (Fabio Lopiano, Osprey Games, 2020)
45:04 -Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition (Hjalmar Hach & Lorenzo Silva, Horrible Guild, 2018)
46:32 -Dunaïa (Thomas Dupont, BLAM !, 2021)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
51:23 CGE revisits Galaxy Trucker
52:36 Hurlyburly
54:07 TTCombat and Ostrich riders
54:39 Warhammer Quest: The Cursed City and Games Workshop gaslighting
56:41 Tyrants of the Underdark reprint
57:12 Hidden Leaders on Kickstarter
57:21 More Hellboy on Kickstarter
57:38 Needy Cat Games’ Myth and Goal

58:26 Topic: Tempo

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Ohoh, someone does not like Red Rising.
I didn’t listen too closely to that :wink: But whoever doesn’t have the game already probably should.
On a totally not related note, I just read on the Feuerland homepage that they will not be publishing the German edition of the game for now “because the book series is not as well known in Germany”. They have published all the other Stonemaier games.

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