#162: Whining (title padding)



No, not winning, that is emphatically not on the docket today. Today we inveigh against whining, which is a form of meta-whining; what the Brits call “recursive whinging” or the French language names “le grand boo-hoo.” Given that the hosts engage in this degenerate, despicable behaviour, this is very much an issue of do as we say, not as we say when whining. Perhaps this is more complicated than I first suspected.

01:16 AYURIS: Sol: Last Days of a Star (Ryan Spangler & Sean Spangler, Elephant Laboratories, 2017)

Games Played Last Week:
03:55 -Root (Cole Wehrle, Leder Games, 2008)
07:30 -Hard City (Adam Kwapiński & Marek Raczyński, Hexy Studio, 2020)
12:09 -Tajuto (Reiner Knizia, Super Meeple, 2019)
16:09 -Medici (Reiner Knizia, AMIGO, 1995)
19:30 -The Search for Planet X (Matthew O’Malley & Ben Rosset, Renegade Game Studios, 2020)
26:26 -Blackout: Hong Kong (Alexander Pfister, eggertspiele, 2018)
31:06 -The Shores of Tripoli (Kevin Bertram, Fort Circle Games, 2020)
35:42 -Shadows: Amsterdam (Mathieu Aubert, Libellud, 2018)
40:31 -Dice Forge (Régis Bonnessée, Libellud, 2017)

News (and why it doesn’t matter):
41:33 Joseph McCullough’s Silver Bayonet
43:55 Blacklist Games’ Lasting Tales
45:03 https://boardgamegeek.com/guild/3236, https://www.twitch.tv/soverywrongaboutgames
46:02 “Lot” on Kickstarter–each game unique
47:44 FlickFleet Box of Flicks 2

49:08 Topic: Whining

Bigney continues with his degeneracy of loving Ra over Medici. :roll_eyes:

I somwhat disagree with their view that Planet X doesn’t have player interaction. Having a lot of theories allows you to score lots, but opens up information for everybody.

Whining is I think the best topic I’ve listened to so far, based on entertainment value.