Would anybody be willing to help playtest a social adventure game using PBF?

Isn’t it bad luck to be on an unnamed vessel?

So far, I don’t feel lucky!!

Yes. I’ll happily hear all suggestions for a name! I just haven’t come up with a good one yet.

Rules continued…

The Cards

Cards are either Items, Clothing, Monsters, Events or Ghosts. Some cards refer to the back card, that’s because some cards are actually two (virtual) cards in the same sleeve. A front card saying what it is, and then a back card saying the effect it has when it is used. Some Items allow you to change these back cards. (eg A food card might have a back card saying it restores 2 Stamina, but another player might have swapped that back card with a card saying lose 2 Stamina). I’ll try and explain this as and when people get cards, but please ask if there are any questions!

  • There is an Item Limit of 3 items. This only has an effect when moving from one Location to another, at which point you must discard down to your Item Limit. Discarded cards go face down in your current Location deck at any place in the deck- either top, bottom, or you can specify (3rd from top etc). If you don’t specify I’ll put them at the bottom in a random order.

  • Clothing are Items which don’t count towards your Item Limit. They can still be Given, Stolen etc.

  • Events tell you what to do when you draw them.

  • Monsters have an Attack and Stamina value. Whoever draws a Monster loses Stamina equal to its Attack value. The Monster then sits on top of the deck face up, and must be dealt damage equal to its Stamina value in one round to be killed. Multiple players can deal the damage, but it must be in the same round. Until a Monster is defeated, that Location deck cannot be Searched.

  • Ghosts can be highly disruptive and even dangerous. A player who draws a Ghost either removes a Talisman in their possession from the game, or suffers the consequences. Some Ghosts say '“Do not discuss this card”- that means players shouldn’t mention they drew a Ghost, and will have to make something up if questioned about it. Possessed players can choose to ignore the effects of a Ghost without removing a Talisman. There is one Ghost in each Location.

As well as Items, Ghosts and Events are also discarded back into the deck before moving to a different Location. Ghosts are always discarded to the bottom of the deck. Each round, the first time a player discards any cards from their hand to a Location deck, they regain 1 Stamina.

Well there goes my first strategy of all piling on one deck and clearing it.

Is there a maximum cap on stamina?

The maximum Stamina is 8.

Ending the Game

When a player uses a Winch on the Starboard Promenade to lower the lifeboats we enter the Escape Endgame. All players immediately Change Location to the Starboard Promenade if not already there (possibly costing Stamina), including all players on 0 Stamina.

During the Escape Endgame players cannot move to any other Location. The only actions available are Give, Steal, Attack, Use and a new one, Propose Escape Team. Only a player with at least 1 Stamina can do this. That player says who they want to escape on the lifeboats (which can include players on 0 Stamina). All players with at least 1 Stamina then vote “Yes” or “No”. If the majority of votes are “Yes” then those players escape and the game ends! If the majority are “No” then the game continues. No other actions can take place whilst this voting happens.

If at any point all players have 0 Stamina during the Escape Endgame, the round marker moves on 1 space and all players regain 2 Stamina.

The game also ends if nobody escapes after 13 Rounds. In this case there’s one final attempt to identify the possessed players. All players simultaneously choose a player. The player with the most votes then chooses which 2 players are the Possessed. If they’re wrong, or it’s a tie when choosing a player, the Possessed win.

Final Rules Post! Just some Guidance:

The Starboard Promenade, where the lifeboats are, is one of Locations 5-8. Initially however, you can only access Locations 1-4 (and the Lounge) because the door in the corridor is locked with 2 locks. There are 3 keys which can unlock them in locations 1-4.

Stamina is a vital resource in the game. Be wary about dropping too low, and take advantage of the fact that discarding cards lets you regain 1 Stamina point each round. A Stamina advantage in the Escape Endgame is a massive bonus. Remember, you only win if you escape.

Discussion is vital. Possessed need to talk to each other to plan how to set traps for the humans, and humans need to plan to escape and form bonds of trust with each other. Both the endgames come down to a vote, and the only way to win the vote is by being part of the biggest clique, through either diplomacy or attacking other players down to 0 stamina.

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How is discussion managed? In this format it’ll be by private message so other players won’t know it’s happening, but how will it work IRL?

Also, is it like games such as One Night Ultimate Werewolf and The Resistance so the Possessed players identify themselves to each other at the start of the game?

IRL the location decks are placed in different locations in the house, so people in the same location can talk to each other in private. And Possessed players will know who each other are.
I’m going to send out private information now, feel free to ask questions via PM or in here!

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Are we playing in this thread or are you setting up a separate one?

(Note that if you want only some users to be able to see a topic, you build it as a private message then invite the users into it.)


I’ll setup a separate one (assuming that’s OK). Leave this one for questions.