Wot are you playing (video games)

A friend gave me a key for Chorus on Steam. It is like a Freelancer game. I linked its Steam page for more information.

Is anyone interested in it?

Oooh that is a bad font. I like the idea of Chorvs but I think I’ll pass - too little time for the games I already have!

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Ooh, looks neat! I wouldn’t say no, if it’s still available?

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I will send you a pm :slight_smile:

Got my first win on Noita. Well, I got the win where you turn the world, and yourself, into gold, which is perhaps not ideal. Now it’s time to explore and see if I can get a better ending…


I finally completed my (first—hopefully not my last but … likely?) playthrough of Baldur‘s Gate 3. I rarely play such long story-based games these days. Used to be more common for me, now it is unusual.

I played in 3 bursts. First act after the game was released. 2nd act I finished around Christmas and during Easter I began to work my way through act 3. I found it difficult to go back after each break because I know I need to dedicate quite some time to the game and I find it difficult to only play it and hour at a time.

I think it is really good. The end of each act was gripping and the storytelling was great. More and more epic as the game progressed with compelling characters to play and recruit, each with their own epic backstory.

I really do want to find time to play again, because there are so many choices I could have gone a different way and there is also the option to play less heroic and self-sacrificing. As I played Shadowheart the Priestess as my main character, that kind of came with the territory—although as a priestess of Shar I guess there was always the option to be a little darker…

Funny enough my main group was the classic: Fighter, rogue, priest and mage.

I also like the combat system—once I got used to how magic works at least. And of course once I got a bit of equipment.

I want to try a few of the other classes that I didn‘t find any characters to recruit for along the way.

Anyway, great game, great story… want to play again. I am especially interested to see the game from Gale‘s and Astarion‘s perspective. Their respective endings make me curious how playing as them would feel.

One thing about the finale: if I had not at the start of the game recruited Laezel before everyone else and kept her in my group—I don‘t think I ever left her in camp— I might have chosen a very different path during the finale.


I’ve played BG2 a million times, and I’m not sure how much replayability BG3 has since there’s so much scripted content that doesn’t change much, but I will say that doing an evil playthrough after the first “good” aligned one is incredibly satisfying.

Enough is different that it doesn’t get boring at all, and playing evil in this universe is juicy.


I loved my first playthrough, and I was all fired up for a second run… until I started it and realized I’d be trudging through so much early familiar content. Seems like replays are strictly for roguelikes for me.

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Got a better win on Noita: most of the world turned to gold, but not me! Living in a world of gold is kind of boring though, and you basically have to commit suicide to get the “game complete” screen and a tally of your achievements.

I now understand there is a yet better ending, which involves parallel worlds?

Highlight of my game was definitely the wand I created that fired sixty little bouncy bolts per second that each, upon hitting anything, created a cloud of blood mist and spawned four invisible homing chainsaws that chewed up anything in the vicinity.


It looks like a fascinating game (at least from what I can see on Steam) but it is also tagged “difficult” and so for now I think I’ll stick with trying to find my way around Hollow Knight which was unplayed in my back-catalog for a while now.

Are you playing Noita with a controller or keyboard?

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I think it would be near impossible with a controller, because of the mouse aiming. I am able to play Noita despite disliking platformers as a genre, because of the lack of any sort of timer and the fact that you have limited levitation (there’s even a perk to replace limited levitation with mutant spider legs so you ignore gravity entirely).

It is really hard though, and exactly the sort of start-from-scratch roguelite you have said you dislike (technically there are some unlocks, but unlocking them is hard, and they don’t really make the game any easier).

That said, in how many games can you hallucinate and shift reality by eating too many mushrooms? This is actually a crazy effect - permanently replacing one substance in the world with another. I got fungus to worm blood, which put paid to my mushroom tripping, but with hindsight it’s really risky - blood or water to acid or lava are possibilities. Wouldn’t kill you directly - there are even perks to turn your blood into slime, oil, or gas - but spraying out harmful substances when you get cut, or not having water to wash harmful substances off, could be pretty lethal.


Sorry, can’t help myself. Here’s an actual thing I actually wrote while trying to figure out Noita wand mechanics. This is beyond playing anymore, this is silly:

The rabbit hole is deep

Double first draws Divide by 2
Divide by 2 casts a copy of add trigger that cannot draw
Add trigger applies all modifiers and casts chainsaw, without drawing any of them, but does discard them
Divide by 2 casts a second copy of add trigger that can draw, but this doesn’t do anything because there’s no deck left, then discards Add trigger
Double then wraps the wand, putting the discard back to deck, skips Divide by 2 and everything before it, but everything after hasn’t actually been drawn yet, so draws Add trigger
Add trigger applies all modifiers and casts chainsaw, without drawing any of them.

So I get two doubly-modded chainsaws for free at zero net cost, zero delay.

I smirked when I first read about wand crafting in Noita being complex. After all, how hard could it be? And for my first two wins, I didn’t have to think too hard about anything. Now though, I went and unlocked the weird broken stuff…


I bought the new Empire Lord for Total War: Warhammer 3, who is Nuln guns and death magic.

Just finished both a story campaign and big “Immortal Empires” all the maps campaign. Huge fun, and TWW3 is absolutely lethal for the "just one more turn"s that mean it’s an hour later than you intended.


While I am still playing a bit of Balatro and last night finally managed to get beyond the first boss in Hollow Knight (I know embarrassing how long I took, I have never played any games that required reaction and coordination except Hades a couple years ago) … I am back playing an old favorite: Dyson Sphere Program.

I am still early game I barely expanded into my local solar system: my only other production is on the second moon of the gas giant I am orbiting. I admit I love writing that sentence. This game is just so perfect for me. I am very very slow scaling up my productions and I know playing “logistics the game” is probably madness to most people… I just love a good “building” game and this one is as open world as it gets. There are no constraints the only goal is to scale up to be able to build such a giant construct as one or more dyson spheres. And that is the coolest thing.

There are tons of Anno 1800, Tropico, City Skylines, planet coasters out there and Steam thinks I should enjoy those. And sometimes I do. Sometimes I want all the constraints of unhappy citizens… there are no people in DSP.

I enabled the Blag Fog opponent for this game. So far they’ve been pretty easy to deal with it seems but they do require even more varied production and so slow down my progress by a not small amount.


… Baldur’s Gate 3 is 15% off.

I shall not buy. Buying is the money killer. It is the small death that proceeds to obliterate my productivity. I will allow the sale to pass over me and through me. I shall turn my inner eye to see it’s end, and when it is over I will not own another game that I desperately want but can’t afford and don’t have time for. Only I will remain…


I’m playing Noita on a “nightmare” setting now, and one of the things that does is gives you a small random selection of low-level wands at the start. Apparently the rare “always cast” modifiers are not drawn from the low-level pool:

I wish I could upload a gif of this in action, but the gif size limit here is not what it says it is.

The result of me firing it once, or rather the absence of anything to my right, can be seen here:

The important thing is not to fire it at anything I can see, because that’s too close.


Still playing Helldivers 2, have put 275 hours into it so far, and I’m not even up to the old top level (which was 50, then was increased to 150). There’s no real point to the levelling, this isn’t an MMO where you get more and more powerful. The only important level is 25, because that’s when you get the mech, and that’s a lot of fun.

To be honest, the guys I play with carry me. One guy smashes bases with orbitals, another brings sentry guns to every mission, with a lot of success (and the occasional team kill). So I’m left to my devices, I can try out new guns and just have fun.