Who is up for a game of Indonesia?

I am ready to go, but we haven’t started the game yet. So maybe we could open a 5 player game instead?

SUSD game 2 is now open. 5 players, password “pear”.

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If you haven’t already, I recommend going into “Your account” and switching email notifications from no to yes. I was surprised to see notifications are off by default. Just waiting on @lalunaverde to start game 2.


I’m not getting notifications, how about you?

I do. They lool like once a day alerts. Not sure

So maybe I’m not getting them because I happened to check and see that I was up within a few hours of my turn starting? That’s pretty poor for game pace if that is the case.

Looking at the Google group, there may be a daily limit to emails sent. Maybe I just happen to have my turns for input after the limit has been exceeded.

Apologies but it turns out there’s a bug with the website using Firefox on Linux that was giving me a 404 error when I was trying to bid. I’ve reported it and in the end had to go to my work laptop. I’m happy to report that there are no such problems on Chrome.


Given that notifications don’t seem to be working at all, shall we start tagging the next person to play here?


I’m a proud owner of a rice company (for now).

@Name1ess is up.

OK, I have to choose my first company now, but first I want to make sure my understanding of the board and rules is correct (or at least, shared by some other player(s)).


  1. mr.ister either makes no money (operate, no shipping, end) or if I choose Lampung and place the ship in the south, mr.ister makes 20 and pays me 5, expanding the company.

  2. Name1ess basically has a choice of expanding towards future links or to link Cthuludreams to 1 city.

  3. ThePaul makes no money (operate, no shipping, end)

  4. Depending on Name1ess’ choice, Cthuludreams either gets 25 rupiah, paying 10 of that to Name1ess and expanding the company, or nothing.

  5. If I choose the Lampung shipping, mr.ister could get 20 and pay me 5. If I have the spice company I get nothing.

If I choose to start the spice company, a new era will start immediately, because only shipping companies are left? That strikes me as a mighty odd outcome.

Edits to reflect new rule understanding as I reread the rules:
a) realised Lampung shipping could be in the south sea
b) realised Name1ess’ shipping can only expand by 1 - limited by R&D as well as company size

Doesnt have to be shipping. Just one company left to end an era

Name1ess can expand 2 by taking expansion R&D and then expand twice.

Right, my point was that if I take shipping, two company types are left so the era won’t advance. If I take the spice production company, a big chunk of potential shipping disappears from the game.

R&D before Operations - thanks, I missed that.

Ah I reread your message. It’s not the type. It’s the quantity of available companies. If 1 or 0, advance to new era next round.

That’s not my understanding:

A new era starts if, at the beginning of the “new era” phase, there
are no companies of the previous era left to acquire, or if all the
companies that are left are of one type (e.g., all spice companies).

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So, assuming that is correct, am I right in thinking that taking the spice company and forcing the change in era would mean that, looking at the map, there would be only 2 more shipping companies added for the rest of the game? And both of those in the west of the map?

Yes. No shipping companies on Era 3

I did miss something: the spice company could be placed in range of Name1ess’ shipping, so that’s what I did.

Edit: but I also missed that the city would only buy 1 spice, so I lose out in turn order sigh.

@mr.ister is up for R&D.

Oh wow things did not go the way I hoped they would. Well, we’ll see where we end up.

@Name1ess is up.