What are you reading?



What edition are they? They look lovely

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Those are the Overlook Press Colector’s Wodehouse Series editions.

I got very lucky and picked up about half of those from Barnes and Noble when I first got into Wodehouse years ago and had no dependents. I’d kept an Amazon list watching them and a fair few of that list dropped below $20 so I spent the birthday money in one place.

There’s some of them that seem harder to track down and I’ve only seen absurd prices for. It took a while to stumble across a copy of Something Fresh at a price I would pay. I may not be searching hard enough though.

They are also uniform without the dust jackets and the cloth binding is a good feel while reading.


I have been reading sooo many light novels recently. I ended up binging through volumes 1 - 8 of Tearmoon Empire. It is such a fun, silly series of books that make me laugh so much. And then peppered in through the books are places that end up making my cry because of how beautiful and sad the moments are. The premise is the main girl is the princess of an Empire than undergoes a revolution and she gets executed because she is considered spoiled and frivolous and selfish and so on…and all of that is true. But when she’s executed she wakes up from “such a vivid dream” only to find out she’s not only still alive but is also like around 12 years old again with a diary stained with her blood and all her memories of the future. And in order to, selfishly, stop her own execution she begins to try and prevent the things which lead to the revolution from happening and ends up accidentally convincing everyone that she’s this ultra wise, super intelligent, perfectly kind and benevolent princess that is always thinking 20 steps ahead of everyone else. It’s just…so much fun.



It doesn’t go Darkplace until page 15.

Then if goes full Darkplace


Realised I hadn’t posted my stack of books for October.

Lighter than some previous months. But I’m still on track to read 200 books this year (but that includes a lot of graphic novels/manga).


I have the audiobook. It’s fantastic.


Okay, I have finished the last short stories and the last novel for my American Lit class.

What is wrong with people? Who reads this stuff for fun!?

Sorry, let me backtrack: Flannery O’Connor and two of her short stories, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Good Country People,” both of which are like having dentistry done without anesthetic. Like pulling teeth, one at a time, and the author standing over you, smiling and saying “Was that tooth painful? Well, let’s see how this tooth feels.”

Stories about horrible people being horrible to each other which ends, in one case, with the horrible murder of a family of 6 (two horrible kids, two horrible parents, a baby in arms, and a grandmother who is extra horrible but not as horrible as the murderers, of course), and the other with a 34-year-old woman who was pretending to be 17 getting her prosthetic leg stolen by a 19-year-old Bible salesman who takes it because she didn’t say “I love you” back after he kisses her!?

Ow, my jaw. I hate this stuff.

And then the utterly beautiful, utterly tragic Sula by Toni Morrison. And utterly baffling. What is the point? At least a few of the characters are kind of likeable, but most of them are awful, and awful things happen to them. I don’t even know why the book is named after Sula, who is only in, like, a third of it? At least I am happy to have read that, it didn’t leave me jaw-clenchingly angry with the world afterwards, just sad and confused.


Reading for enjoyment? What are you, a genre fan?

(The dark secret of course is that litfic is just another genre.)


Just started redaing Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun to my son. I was never an enormous fan but yikes, they have not aged well.


No they have not.


I started rewatching the animated series a while back, thinking “hey, this was made in the '90s, they probably removed a lot of the racism from the books!” They did not :grimacing:


Yeah, it was pretty much page 1 here. I’m surprised I was less aware of the problematic nature of it, probably because I was never very into it, unlike Lovecraft’s work.


Forbidden Planet sold a new “3-in-1 Asterix” book, which I bought with fond memories of some of them from childhood, and…

a) There’s a reason the originals are A4 ish or bigger, they need to be, publish it smaller and you can barely read the details,
b) Wow that’s some racist imagery I totally didn’t see the first time.


Yeah, my daughter and I had a long productive talk about the history of inappropriate depictions when we ran into the pirates for the first time.


Well haven’t talked about any books here I read in a while. I got some recommendations and I dived into some of them:

Unsouled (Cradle 1) by Will Wight
This feels a bit like an anime action series. I am not into animes but I enjoyed this book a lot and I am excited about the next books. The series is very long and there is some stuff hinted at which goes way beyond what the scope of the first book seems to be.

Red Rising (Red Rising 1) by Pierce Brown
Someone told me this is “Hunger Games but written for adults”. I haven’t read or watched Hunger Games, so no idea about that statement, but I liked the book very much. It is a trilogy and I am looking forward to the next books.

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree
This one is a really cute and little story about an orc done with adventuring and opening a coffee shop. It is a really nice book :slight_smile:

The Three Body Problem (Remembrance of Earth’s Past 1) by Cixin Liu
This one I haven’t finished yet. It is a slow and dense scifi trilogy. I finally reached a point of momentum it feels to me. Very curious about it. It is not bad at all till now, just slow. It has a very interesting setting and concept, which I like a lot. Often scifi reads like just 21th century people and problems put in 30th century (e.g. David Weber’s space opera stuff with Honor Harrington). Nothing wrong with that (I love Honor Harrington for what it is) but I am happy when something comes around challenging the usual stuff. Excited to continue on with this book. Also first time I am reading a Chinese author. A lot of the book is happening in China too.


I am having real problems with three body problem. It lost me about 2/3rds of the way through as it kept flinging more concepts into the mix. I’m about 50 pages from the end and have no appetite to finish it. Knowing that there are more books in the series might be part of the reason for this. I will persevere but I’m not reading more of it.

With regard to it being a Chinese author I did really like the stuff around the cultural revolution and as that falls further into inconsequential my interest is depleting.


I picked this up last weekend and quickly devoured it. I think the correct subgenre is ‘cosy fantasy’, which I didn’t realise was a thing, nor did I realise quite how much I would enjoy it!


I was thinking of asking for L&L for my birthday, so I’m reassured that people are enjoying it.

I’ve just finished a retelling of The Eye of Argon, which I hadn’t previously read but it’s apparently notorious (but was written by a teenager, so fair play). I enjoyed the retelling - though full disclosure, I do game with the author. He didn’t know I was reading it though!


I don’t like spamming links to my blog, but I enjoyed and have reviewed Legends & Lattes. (There are others in Boronian’s list that I liked much less, but all our tastes are different.)