V-Commandos: Greatsword


Incidental question: what happens if you cause an explosion in the room with the alarm? Can it no longer sound?


No - all triangular tokens survive explosions.


Looks like a plan to me. Up, north (stealthy), crowbar entrance.


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Since the alarm is already sounding, Sapper will go up [1], N [1], N [1] and keep the saved action.

  • Enemy reinforcements
    enemy-1-hammer (blocked N)
    enemy-2 (blocked N)
    enemy-1-hammer (blocked E)
    enemy-1 (blocked E)
  • Enemies move W
  • No enemy shooting

Turn 9


Sapper shoots W [1], if necessary shoots W again [1], needing 2+ and becoming visible.
@discobot roll 6d6


:game_die: 3, 4, 1, 6, 3, 6


Drops: TNT charge. That’s handy.

move W [1]; shoot W [1]; pick up charge [0]; plant charge [0]; move E and become stealthy [1]. If the shot misses, I take two dice of gunfire as I leave.

needing a single 4+:
@discobot roll 3d6


:game_die: 2, 1, 5


Drops: enemy uniform.

Actually on balance I’m going to run west, because chances are there will be some enemy in the NE corner at the end of the turn. It’s further from an exit, but shouldn’t have joined if you can’t take a joke…


Bruno will move W (1), take the uniform, get into the MG nest, don the uniform (1) and save an action. I believe I can use that saved action when the enemy come N? But I can’t fire S into their room from that MG nest?


Yes, you can - the position of the nest within the tile doesn’t matter, only that there’s an open door.

Though if you move east non-stealthily, you’ll be visible while on the medium tile, and wearing the uniform won’t alter that.

So you could move E [2], wear uniform [1], and either shoot or save the last action. But modulo shooting you’ll be getting three coming north from the western small room, and two more new ones from the entry room…


Well, scratch that plan. I’m trying to figure how to help the sapper get out. Stealth is the key. Move E (2) take uniform (0), move W (1), save an action.


That would be four actions, but you can get away with being obvious on the eastern tile since you’re going to hide again.

The big tile is going to get soldiers in it, but there’s an explosive charge sitting there which can empty it out at any time.

There are four enemy about to come in on the east, then move north. If Death Cheater gets out of the way they shouldn’t be a problem.

If the MG-nest tile can be emptied next turn, the sapper can get there stealthily (set off charge [0], wear uniform [1], e [1], s [1]). Whether that’s viable will depend on which way the new enemies are moving.


Emptying the MG-nest tile may be possible for Bruno, but it’s not certain. Shouldn’t the sapper have the bombardment, per the original plan for this terrain? That would provide more attacks that could be used.


Well, it can be used from anywhere…


Fair enough! I guess we wait for @Lordof1 for Death Cheater’s move.


Not very exciting - N, W, S, W to restealth

  • Enemy reinforcements
  • Enemy movement is N
  • No enemy fire

Turn 10


Hmm. North isn’t too bad, actually.

if we sit tight for this turn, then next turn four of the ones on the MG tile move north, and there are only three left (two new ones from the south entrance plus the one in the nest itself) rather than the five we’ve got now. If the two of you between you can wipe them out, keeping one AP back for heading south, then with four AP the Sapper can blow up the large tile and get to the exit tile. (And if he stays one tile further back he can take a shot on the way.)

Though if you feel like killing those five, perhaps using a bombardment, you might as well. Just save an AP for becoming stealthy again if you’re spotted. Again, if you wipe that tile clean, I’ll blow up the north one and come round to where you are now.


I’m willing to sit tight, I’ll use the chance to don the uniform I picked up. It means the Sapper can have a saved action, too.