V-Commandos: Greatsword


:game_die: 2, 2



They and the ones in the entry room can all attack, so that’s 8 dice for 4+.

@discobot roll 8d6


:game_die: 1, 3, 2, 3, 2, 6, 5, 5


That’s (just!) enough for critical condition.

Turn 7

OK. We can still get the sapper out, but it’s tricky.

If someone comes up (2 stealth checks) and first aids the sapper, they can both get out. If they are visible, they’ll attract reaction fire as they leave (but only 2 dice, which is survivable, and there’s one first aid kit to spare). The sapper will be stealthy after being healed, so can get out without reaction fire.


OK, I’ll try it. Swap the bombardment token for @Lordof1’s first aid kit, and head up. Roll me those stealth checks?


With a minimum post length, @discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 4, 6


Not spotted. 1 to first aid, down, save 1?


I’ll do just that. As a long enough answer.


Normally I’d say that the sapper might as well take a shot before descending and saving 1, but given the way my dice rolls have been running… I’ll just drop and save. Stage 1 complete.

I’ll sort out stage 2 in the morning.


Turn 8

What we need to do: cause an explosion on the big tile.


Sapper is inclined to make a run for the top right before the place starts filling up, but someone will need to take care of the machine gun.

Enemy bag:

 26 enemy-1/2
  5 enemy-1/2-hammer
  6 enemy-3
  4 zero

Equipment bag:

  1 MG42
  4 MP40
  3 StG44
  3 TNT
  2 bombardment
  7 crowbar
  7 enemy uniform
  4 first aid
  9 grenade
 13 spotted


How about this:

Sapper takes Bruno’s TNT and the Bombardment.

Bruno comes up in SW corner, moves N, shoots E to try to take out the MG nest.

Death Cheater comes up in SE corner (1). move N (2), crowbars E entrance (1).

Sapper comes up in SE corner, spends all his actions moving N,

If Bruno doesn’t get the MG nest, bombard it next turn.

Does that work?


Looks good to me. Sapper will then plan to shoot W, move in, plant the charge and move out again.


OK, Bruno hands you his TNT, comes up in SW corner (1), moves N (1), shoots E.

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 1, 3


That’s got the German who is not in the nest,

@discobot roll 2d6


:game_die: 4, 5


And the one who is in the nest. Bruno complete, over to @Lordof1.


Drops: enemy uniform, spotted token (in that order, which is good).